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How Islam stand on for years......





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Islam is on the five pillars. There are many secondary matter, but this five pillars are main. If you refuse any of this five pillars, you are out of Islam. This five pillars are...

1. To believe there is no god/creator/omniscient except Allah and Hazrat Muhammad (sm) is the prophet of Allah.
2. Prayer at least five time a day
3. To fast one month in Ramadan
4. Zakat if you are enough rich to fulfill the criteria of it
5. To go Makka and Madina (Pilgrimage of Muslims) to fulfill Hajj if you are enough rich.

All this tasks must be fulfilled step by step by you to be a Muslims. I will only discuss about this necessary tasks, not about secondary job of Islam. 

At first You must believe on Allah and his prophet. You have to believe in heart and say it by your mouth. Then you will get a chance to enter in Islam. After entering Islam, you have to do a lot of job to make Allah happy. You first have to fulfill at least five prayer a day. These prayer is just like a key to unlock the lock of haven (place of eternal happiness). You don't pray that means you have no key to unlock the lock of haven. So the price of Prayer is in Islam!!!

Secondly you have to fulfill fasting in Ramadan(A month of Arabic calendar). This fasting is not just to leave food all day long, it is mainly leaving all kind of sins and bad works. Fasting is one of the most troubled jobs. So it has a big reward for fasting holders. 

You must give Zakat to poor if you have enough savings property after fulfilling your necessity. There are many criteria to give Zakat. You must fulfill Zakat under all rules of Islam.

And the last pillars of Islam is to go to Makka and Madina (Pilgrimage of Muslims) and fulfill Hajj. Hajj is compulsory only for them who has enough property. 

If you want to be a perfect Muslim, you must have to fulfill all the jobs step by step perfectly. If you fulfill something and leave the rest, you are not a perfect Muslims. 

I see many of us fulfill fasting but don't fulfill prayer. It is not good. You can't make Allah happy by doing this. So we all should have to be very careful to fulfill all the rules and regulations of Islam. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. Stay blessed by Allah all time...

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