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On this occasion, as I mentioned in a previous post, that the earth is very rich in its natural content which consists of everything. If we search carefully, of course we will not run out when described, because there is a lot of content contained in it. Among the many contents contained in it, one of them is a creature classified as an insect. Likewise with insects, there are many species that coexist with humans and other creatures. Talk about insects. They are the most diverse and varied animals. More than 58 percent of the world's biodiversity consists of insects. Insects inhabit all types of habitats and play an important role in the functioning and stability of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. They are spread in any country except on the Antarctic continent because in the continent the temperature is very cold. At the same time a number of insect species became extinct, including species that were not yet scientifically known. But every year new types of insects are always found in the world. Then, among the many insects found on this earth, one of them is a grasshopper. Likewise grasshoppers also have various types of shapes and colors between them. According to experts, grasshoppers also have various types, from large to small ones, as well as their shapes and colors. One of them is locusts around us. Like the grasshoppers contained in this post, such as: ![IMG_20190305_162625.jpg](
**1. Grasshopper of Leaves**
**2. Rice Fields Grasshopper**
**3. Stone Grasshopper**
**4. Tiger Grasshopper**
The locusts mentioned above are the common names for the Indonesian population. The name given is not a scientific name but a name that is commonly spoken by the local community. But the locusts in this post certainly have their own scientific name.
**Scientific classification of** | **grasshoppers**
------------------------- | ---------------------- **Kingdom** | **Animalia** **Filum** | **Arthropoda** **Class** | **Insecta** **Ordo** | **Orthoptera** **Subordo** | **Caelifera**
**Clairification source** | **Book entitled "Various Types of Insects" (2000)**
---------------------------------- | ----------------------------
A more detailed explanation of this book is where experts say, they describe that, "Grasshoppers are herbivorous insects from Subordo Caelifera in the order of Orthoptera". This insect has an antenna which is almost always shorter than its body and also has a short ovipositor. The sound produced by some grasshopper species is usually produced by rubbing the femur behind it against the front wing or abdomen. They mention stridulation, or in other words, because they flap their wings while flying. Then the hamstrings are generally long and strong which is suitable for jumping with high jumps. Such events are common for grasshoppers to do so. That is a brief explanation of the various types of insects found on this earth. They live side by side with our lives as humans. Hopefully useful for those of you who read it. Thank you very much.
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