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Bird Nature Flower



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For those of you lovers of ornamental plants, of course you are very familiar with beautiful wild plants, it is very pleasant if planted on a home page a flower or plant decorates your home page, and sometimes placed in the room. Even though there is no air freshener, the room will still smell naturally fragrant as a natural flower itself. This one flower in our area is titled "Bird Nature Flower". People who love flowers are ![IMG_20190210_094720.jpg]( People who love flowers are very enthusiastic in planting this one flower. In our area this flower is very popular among its lovers. Bird Nature Flower is very unique if one of the colors that grow on the petals is noticed in various colors. There are several types of fragrant flowers that are widely spread in the territory of Indonesia and come from abroad. Now it has been developed by flower farmers in Indonesia, so it can grow well in our country. Then one of them is the flower found in this post. ![IMG_20190210_094700.jpg]( Bird Nature Flower, not only the color is beautiful but the aroma is very fragrant especially when placed in a soundproof place like the room, the aroma is like in the real world. But unfortunately this flower must be in light with sufficient sunlight if not this one flower will wither. Based on my experience this flower will wither for one week if it is not shined by sunlight even though it is still flushed every day. ![IMG_20190210_094648.jpg]( I have done a little research by peeling the leaves and then soaking them in water or squeezing them smoothly and leaving them for several hours so that the aroma of the water feels fragrant like pandanus. Maybe if we make it a fragrance, then Bird Nature Flower will be one of the fragrances or fragrances. Especially as an ingredient for bath soap, of course, very fragrant. So a little review of this ornamental plant, named Bird Nature Flower, which is currently popular in our area, maybe for ornamental plant lovers who are very familiar with it and understand this one flower. Thank you very much.
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