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Dealing With Shoulder Grab From Behind



When someone attacks you from behind, you usually cannot see that. Your awareness plays an important role to make you move fast in a situation like this. In case there is a reflection somewhere in front of you, you can see behind without turning your head. 

When the attacker gets close to you, you might hear the sound of his approach. Or, you can feel someone is up to something behind your back. You can watch this video. Let's talk about it in content. 

That's a good self-defense technique that you can use in that situation. Here you need to consider some important facts. One technique is good, it does not mean you can apply that successfully against everyone and get rid of that. It depends on what your opponent is capable of doing.

If the attacker has no training and grabs your shoulder from behind, you can get rid of that easily using that technique. Now the question is, can the attacker stop you in any way when you apply that technique?

Yes, he can. The attacker can change his body position. Or, when you move your leg back, he can sweep your leg to make you off balance. You cannot do anything if you lose your balance. No matter which moves you make, always keep your balance. This is the key, otherwise, the attacker can take advantage of that.

If you are being attacked, and you have no idea who is attacking you, don't just turn to grab the attacker's hands. You can grab the attacker's hands and turn to look behind. Then it would be easier for you to strike the attacker and remove his hands from your shoulders. If it happens during the fight, and you know the attacker very well, you can use this technique quickly to get rid of that.

So what do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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