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Body Grab - Women Self Defense

When we talk about self-defense, it seems it is all about some specific techniques and you do those techniques. That's all. To learn self-defense, you need to learn how to fight. Self-defense techniques will be useful to protect yourself. But there is no way you can ignore physical fitness.

If you are not fit physically, you cannot apply those techniques properly and use them to defend yourself.  You have to use your force and strength in a specific way and in a certain direction to make self-defense moves.

Let's talk about a specific self-defense technique. What if someone grabs you from the front side? Let's watch this video. When someone grabs you like this, your both hands are open. Most of the time, if the attacker is a guy and he grabs a girl like this, he can pick the girl up. Then it would be more difficult to get rid of this grip.

As soon as someone grabs you, put your weight down, then you can make your move. You can do what showed in that video. To apply the technique, you have to take a step and put your leg behind his leg. The key point is, if you are not able to make the attacker off-balance, you can make him fall on the ground. You can use one hand to push, the attacker will fall on the ground.

## How about if you cannot apply this technique?

Your hands are open, so you can directly strike him. You can do foot stomp. If you use your heel to hit the attacker's foot, this is going to be very painful. You can hit to the groin. 

Whatever you do, just do it fast with power. So what would you do if you face a situation like this? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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