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The comfort zone is abandoned



Emotional power lies in the ability to consciously take risks out of the circle of comfort. Mental strength helps to make the right decision, although decision making is not without its difficulties.

Intimidation with appropriate targets:

The normal physical response to any danger is called 'fear'. Fear is like fire. Fire is very useful in controlled conditions, but omnipresent in uncontrolled conditions. Always fear is harmful to life purpose. Real and imaginary fears inflict extreme damage on our personality by being absorbed in our thought process. Concerns are created by the perception that the environment is not conducive to us.

Such negative emotions cause negative reactions in our body. It brings back the energy in us and we can deal with the fear. Whatever the outcome, the frightening situation serves as a learning experience. Foolishly surrendering to fear accelerates the loss before it even begins.

Soldiers are taught to expect fear to swallow their hearts. Then they are trained to overcome fear. Strength of strength helps to face danger without fear.

Promise of respectful behavior:

  1. A doctor took an oath of hypocrisy. 2. A Member of Parliament took an oath to protect the Constitution and serve the people.

  2. A judge took an oath to uphold justice.

  3. Become committed to a Code of Conduct.

  4. A police officer took an oath to uphold the law. The underlying values of each oath intersect with the general glands of moral truth and honesty based on moral truth and morality. Only a person can deliver justice. The definition of justice is basically the truth of the process. It must be observed.

Three qualities are required for a dignified life. Then: 1. Character 2. Courage and 3. Righteousness

It means clarity, faith and a dignified life. Absence of any one of the three qualities is life threatening. To the character

Character has no value without the courage to turn it into action. Is there any value in qualifying in the absence of the first two qualities in the end?

Courage deprived of justice and any efficacy of justice Equivalent to justice and deprived of justice is equivalent to oppression.

An honorable person:

We must remember that a respected person must:

  1. Brave but not oppressive.

  2. Humble but not apologetic.

  3. Believers, however, are not arrogant.

  4. Proud but not ready.

  5. Gentle but not weak.

  6. Strong but not powerless.

  7. Firm but not stubborn

  8. Calm but not cool.

  9. Love life but be ready for death.

  10. Satisfied but not complacent.

  11. Isolated but not indifferent.

  12. The wise, however, are not the opposite.

The honesty, fidelity, patience, humility and commitment we follow bring happiness and rhythm to our lives. Love for the family is perfected only by following defined values. Depending on the values a child follows, it can be a burden for the family. It can also be a blessing for the nation.

U character lies in identifying good behavior, believing in it and practicing it. The birth of good behavior from moral values. Through the effort and practice of moral values, a person is able to achieve stability. "

Give me a son:

O Creator of the universe. Give me such a son; The one who is weak will be curious to know something, the one who is afraid is brave enough to face him, the one who is proud and inflexible even in the face of great defeat, the one who is humble and calm even in the face of victory. '

Give me a son who will fulfill his desires. Do not believe Give a son who will know you and who will believe that the foundation of knowledge lies in knowing you. Leads him to a hard and competitive path instead of a relaxed and comfortable path. Teach him to stand in the midst of storms. Give the ability to teach compassion to those who fail.

Give me a son whose heart is smooth, whose purpose is noble, who learns to control himself instead of being the controller of others, he learns to laugh, but never forgets to cry, he sees the future, but does not forget the past.

Even after possessing all such qualities, I pray that you give him a sense of humor so that he becomes a heavyweight. But don't feel too important. Give him humility, so that the true greatness of simplicity, wisdom, intelligence, and you can feel the power of cowardice. As if I, as his parents, dared to say, 'My life has not failed.'

Active plan:

Here's how to plan your work:

  1. Choose the three values you like to survive.

  2. 21 days consciously for those three areas of your life Practice.

A. Your family

B. All your work and

C. The society around you.

  1. Share your own values with your loved ones for your own record and clarity.

These steps are your own active plan at home and at work Will help create.

  1. Determining the value-based provision of ideal conduct.

  2. Communication of the provisions with the concerned

  3. persons in a pure manner so as to ensure that the moral provisions are effective.

  4. Short-term results may not jeopardize long-term moral purpose, his assurance.

  5. Chaining immoral behavior.

  6. Determining the role model.

  7. Self-esteem in maintaining moral values.

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