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Subdue a bad Mood



Our mood easily deteriorates under the current erosive lifestyle, pressure of living, and pressure from the people around us. Difficulties arise when this mood affects our work, business, family life and relationships. Tests have shown that women are twice as bad as men. A little bit of hormonal effect works for this but moreover women take life much more seriously.

Even the slightest bit of talk makes their mood worse. My wife often tells me that she was insulting us or that she was reluctant to help us. But I don't really care about these things, if someone treats me like that, I try to avoid it.

I have to tell him a lot of times that I didn't feel bad about it and that I didn't care. The wife of one of my friends always asked herself if she was happy. I tell him that happiness is like a butterfly, which can never be caught if you try to catch it. When you go easy or calm he will catch you by himself. I told him not to waste time trying to be happy. When you can be happy without caring about happiness, then you are entitled to real happiness. I told him that if he ever thought about it again, it would be the opposite we should always think of something good because we become what we think we are.

If our thoughts are negative, how can we be in a good mood? Although everyone can control their thoughts if they want to. It's up to you what you think. Always we are careful to keep negative thoughts away, but it can cause toxins inside our body.

Keep an eye on your own thoughts. In this way you can subdue your brain and turn negativity into positivity. Only through practice can you break the net of negativity, when you are optimistic your beer will also be hopeful. The fact is that your mood depends on your judgment. A lot of times I make a bad judgment for an event. Then until midnight I try to change that beer. Then after being successful I feel refreshed the next morning.

To be happy you sit among the happy people and listen to their positive judgments. You will feel that this is how your heart is filled with new energy. Sitting down with an optimistic friend and drinking a cup of tea can change your mood. Whenever you feel stressed or exhausted, don't sit alone because when you are alone, negative thoughts will flood your head. Go to the market or the planet instead of clothes, do housework, the slightest change of this kind can fix your mood.

Many feel that after retirement their lives will fail. By holding such views, they confine themselves to a boundary and have a profound effect on their self-esteem. Their minds were filled with exhaustion. Retirement changes or company of people can have a positive effect on them. After working on the computer for a few hours, I went out to the yard. Talking a little with the neighbors relieves my fatigue and makes me feel refreshed, and so I can work at the same rate.

Many times we feel that we are incapable of doing anything, which also leads to negative thoughts inside us. Many feel inferior and inferior. They think that they can never reach the goal and this thought makes their mood worse. They always think, "You can never win, you never get it" and their mood gets worse.

When you have this kind of mood, try to change it with positive sentences. Although you should always nurture positive sentences in your brain. It will never make you feel bad and you will always be happy.

Always expect something good to happen. It will always be something good with you. For exgemple, I stayed at a hotel in dhaka. I sent one of my suits for drymining but the hotel locker key remained in the suit pocket. All my emergency papers and money were in this locker. Anyone could take out all my belongings with the help of this key, I did not let my morale break. I report the incident to the hotel staff and give them the responsibility to return the keys. I didn't panic because I was convinced that I would get the key very easily. When the key was lost, I had no other choice. I didn't think I would have to make a duplicate key or pay some money to the hotel to break the locker.

I go out on my own. When I returned after eight o'clock, I found my clothes and keys. All my lettering was fine. Mood should affect our mood before it affects us. Never grieve for the small sorrows or frustrations of life. We should try our best to change them, if it cannot be changed then it is better to accept it. Never criticize yourself even in the harshest of situations. Don't Never think, "I deserve it." Instead judge about the positive and joyful situation. A lot of times a lot of unintentional work makes us feel bad. Things we don't like have to be done for a long time. It is better if you shoot this first. When these tasks are done earlier you will feel that you have reduced your stress.

Try to be around people who have a positive attitude. This will not cause any annoyance among you. You can take the help of friends if you feel the need. The company of such people will inspire you to rise to the top. You will be able to live a happy life like them. The next time you think of yourself as a planet of stress, depression and exhaustion, try to change your thinking process. Your currency will change instantly because we stay where we think we are.

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