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Small Step, Big Dream


Many times when the amount of work is more, our pressure increases. We get into the habit of avoiding work or delaying it. The result is butter. When it becomes clear, there are some new processes to make the goal a reality. Can be resorted to. We all have the energy to get what we want, to make our dreams come true. Four things that are very important for success are dreams, concentration, intelligence, clarity and conviction. Stick to your values, it should be according to your needs. Once it becomes clear to you, you can fulfill your hopes and achievements through it. In the process of creating a goal, first the mental image is created and then you have to work hard to achieve it.

Your goal should not be unrealistic. It should be according to other plans of your life. Be accountable for the goals you set. If you can achieve the desired goal, then the reasons for failure need to be analyzed.

Most of the time we don’t want to do heavy tasks first. Divide the tasks into small parts to avoid this inconvenience. You need to be able to assess your own work. Set a time limit and stick to it, be clear about when you will start and finish a task. If this depends on many, talk to everyone about it. Make a work schedule. Find out if everyone is aware of their work. If you let everyone write, it is good. Search for jobs from time to time and see if the table is complete. This way you can make progress and it will not require any refinement in the work. This will reduce the workload and the team members will be able to complete their work together in a beautiful way.

Your plans should relate to your daily life. Write down plans related to the date. My secretary also marks those dates on the calendar. You need to keep these written nets in a place where they can be easily seen. The days of my special interview are marked in red on the calendar. I do it according to the start schedule of the day so that I don't forget anything.

Plans must be made for success and achievement. Later you have to learn the skills to make it work. Fulfill that promise no matter what. Spend time and money on yourself or on the team. Try to create a rail model that will always be ready. You will be able to get your team working in a timely manner by keeping all the items at the right rate and planning the time. Only focus on the particular subject and stay focused on it.

A healthy and strong body is the source of attainment. You can't do anything without it. A healthy body has a healthy brain. If my body is fine, why don't I get deprived of exercising wherever I am. My day is not complete without it. You just need to be additional discriminating with the assistance you render toward others. Use words like who, when, where and why to be ready and do everything in a good process. This decision applies to any of your plans and individuals.

If you are always under pressure from someone to acknowledge his work and get away from the pressure of work, then you have to learn to say 'no' in a very nice way now. A lot of times we can't say no and as a result we become our own enemy. In fact, in our childhood we are taught not to say 'no' to any work, it calls us selfish and irresponsible. In our teaching, we will be called good only if we fulfill the promises of others.

There is no need to maintain what we are learning for the rest of our lives. Always acknowledging the actions of others takes a lot of mental and physical stress out of you, even often avoiding your own important things. As adults we need to learn to balance external stress and our own importance. To be successful, you need to know how to spend your time.

Jyoti, the wife of one of my colleagues, always does something for the neighbors. They stay in the hospital for sick people, cook for them and visit their relatives. He even ignores his own family. He used to do this to gain popularity. When his son Ake gets low marks, he is very upset. When he was sick, no one came to see him except for two or three phone calls. When I go to see him, he asks me why he is under pressure despite helping everyone. I told her that as an adult woman she should concentrate on her family work first, and then in the rest of the time would she be able to work for others? He asks me, how will he do that? I told him that if any work interfered with his important work, he should say 'no'. He says, what, way to say 'no' on the face? Ami tells him I have to think about my own life before anyone else. I don't care what Lake wants from me or what I can say. I'm not so young that the lads will force their work on me and I can't say 'no' to him.

I told him, like everyone else, I have the right to say no. If yes interferes with my important work, I can say no. I did not take responsibility for making everyone happy but I still try to help others as much as possible.

I do not advise you to be selfish. My point is that we all have our own lives, which we can choose according to our own preferences. We all have complete freedom to plan our own lives and spend our time as we please.

If you are again caught up in this situation and you are pressured to meet the needs of others, then you have to remember that you are not a pedestrian, you also have your own goal which is your most important task to complete. Don’t be embarrassed when you say ‘no’. Sometimes saying ‘no’ doesn’t ignite your job, respect or friendship, nor how much you can go by words and how much Lake respects you.

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