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Lucid Sight aims to bring blockchain games to traditional platforms after raising $6 million


Games company Lucid Sight has announced its plans to move blockchain games over to traditional gaming platforms such as consoles, phones, and PCs ![Gaming-on-the-Blockchain-Best-Virtual-Currencies-and-Crypto-Assets-for-Gamers-696x449.jpg]( Image Credit Blockchain game developer Lucid Sight is aiming to bring blockchain gaming to traditional platforms after raising an additional $6 million in funding. The Los Angeles-based company’s total amount raised now sits at $11 million, reports VentureBeat. The money has been raised to expand its MLB Champions (Major League Baseball) and Crypto Space Commander (CSC) blockchain games onto traditional gaming platforms such as consoles, mobile phones, and PCs. MLB Champions is an officially-licensed product of MLB Advanced Media and the Major League Baseball Players Association. The funding will also aid and fuel the growth of Lucid Sight’s digital ownership games alongside the launch of its Scarcity Engine. Scarcity Engine is a software development tool which will assist developers in closing the gap between blockchain and traditional gaming platforms. It is also the engine that is powering the MLB Champions and Crypto Space Commander games. The concept behind moving blockchain games over to traditional platforms is to strip away the friction that is currently binding existing blockchain-based games. This will be achieved by improving functionality through transferring them to PC, console, and mobile platforms. Current investors involved with Lucid Sight are Salem Partners, The Galaxy EOS VC Fund, Digital Currency Group, Breakaway Growth, Frontier Venture Capital, and Animoca Brands. AppOnboard founder and mobile gaming industry pioneer Jonathan Zweig is also involved. Randy Saaf, CEO of Lucid Sight, commented: “This capital will allow us to bring games such as MLB Champions and CSC to the masses while maintaining the benefits of digital scarcity provided by blockchain technology. “We have found that game players enjoy digital ownership in our games, but users want to be able to game where they traditionally game: mobile, PC, and console.” Lucid Sight will be using the capital raised to launch Scarcity Engine 1.0 with select developers, most notably Iridium Studios for the upcoming action role-playing game Cryptic Conjure.
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