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Brief introduction of computer



A computer is actually a large-sized instrument or calculator. With the help of which various logical tasks including complex and large scale accounts can be done perfectly in a very short time.

In fact, the computer is a large-scale logical electronic device.

The reason why computers are called large-scale calculators

With this all the work is done through calculation.

The main difference with the calculator is that any amount of numerical or literal information entered into the computer can display precise, accurate, precise and accurate results of the computer very quickly with the help of pre-given mathematical reasoning inside the computer. And may store this information if necessary.

However, this is not possible with a simple calculator. In fact, for any kind of result, the computer has to give some pre-logical instructions. On the basis of which the computer performs all the functions through subtle logical mathematical processing.

The word computer comes from the Greek word compit. The word compute means to calculate something. And the word computer means calculator. Instrument. But computers are no longer just calculators. Computers are now a device that receives information and analyzes and presents it through various processes.

The computer has a monitor, a CPU, a mouse and a keyboard.

In general, if all the parts or components of the computer need to be explained, it can be said that if any instructions are entered through the CPU with the help of keyboard or mouse, an acceptable and accurate result of those instructions will be displayed on the monitor in a moment.

Different parts of a computer:

A desktop computer usually has four things attached to it. With the help of which the computer is initially operated. The parts are: one-CPU (central processing unit), two-monitor or TV-like screen, three-key-board and four-mouse.

Computer CPU:

The most important part of a computer is the CPU. It looks like a square box. It is connected to various computer equipment. And through these the computer is turned on. Its full name is Central Processing Unit or Central Processing Zone. Information from various sources enters this area of the computer. This information is usually entered with the help of keyboard, mouse, etc.

This information is then processed inside the CPU. Then we see the exact result on the screen or monitor. The CPU is called the main power center or driving center or brain of the computer.

Keyboard key

A keyboard is a device that uses a computer to type and input various information into a computer's CPU. Generally, all types of keyboards have English alphabet i.e. different letters up to A-Z and even keyboard with all Bengali letters. The command key (F1-F12) is usually placed on the top row of the keyboard. Through which direct commands or instructions can be executed. There is also no alternative to the keyboard to create various commands or instructions or to create a programming language in computer language. The keyboard also has various buttons. The number (0-9) is significant.

So the keyboard is a very important part of giving input to the CPU. That is why the keyboard is called the main input unit. Nowadays, however, wireless keyboard has come in the market. This keyboard allows you to communicate with the computer's CPU in a special way without wiring.


The computer mouse is a major part of the input device. This is because directing a mouse directly, transferring data, copying data and attaching it to the same file or any other file can be done very quickly.

In addition to ordinary mice, there are many types of mice available in the market now. Wireless mice are also now on the market. The pointer is with you when you move the mouse

Will move with. This movement of the mouse is called drug in computer language. In other words, moving the mouse means dragging the mouse. You can instantly move any part of any document displayed on the monitor by dragging the mouse. Using the mouse to copy, cut, paste anything can be done very quickly.

Mice are very popular because they can be operated easily and quickly. The mouse is connected to the CPU through two types of ports. One is the PS / 2 port and the other is the USB port.

The movement of an arrow or a sign or a pointer displayed on a monitor can be used to determine if a mouse attached to a computer is active. When an mouse is attached to a computer, an arrow or mouse pointer appears on the screen.

Monitor or screen

A monitor or screen is the output unit of a computer. With the help of the monitor, the computer user can watch the video, enter the information, draw pictures, write a variety of applications and see the necessary results on the screen.

It has a fixed power switch to turn on or off each monitor like a normal TV. In addition, other necessary functions of the monitor such as color control, image quality control, increase and decrease of light, various changes in visual conditions can be done.

If the above four parts are properly connected to each other, the computer will be able to work with the help of electric power. However, if one of these is lacking, the computer will not run properly. In fact, a complete computer is a combination of these four objects. That means CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse. These four combine to make a computer. And with these, the necessary work can be done very easily.

However, in addition to these components, some additional components can be added to the computer if necessary. For example, a separate sound system can be installed on a computer to hear sound.

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