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WEEKLY CONTEST WEEK 11 - "Steem Poetry - Poetry Game" - Day 2- Reward Pool 50 STEEM..


No loneliness, no helplessness surrounds me. No one knows why and no one knows whose voice pulls my mind back. Yet life is cut short by the rules of life.

The crawling life surrounds me in loneliness and silence. Let the desires remain. Failure in the heart. May this happiness not be mine.

May the sorrow of others be mine. I will forget all the sorrows of the mind. No one knows, no one knows.

Dreams are someone else's mistakes. The tears are dusty twilight in my eyes. Yet life is going to be cut short by the rules of life. Dreams are someone else's tears.

There is pain in my eyes. There are desires in my heart. Failure in my heart I will think.

Why doesn't anyone know the reason for this loneliness? I don't know. I don't need anyone to know. I am my lonely partner alone.

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