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ROSE IS SYMBOL OF LOVE.Rose videography of my self.



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Rose videography of my self.

Rose is the beauty queen of the flowers, each and every one like rose.

Rose is the winter season flowers and it's blossom available in the winter season.But at present people's  cultivate rose every year.


People's call Rose is the queen of beauty from this side( colour, smell,smoth,beauty e,t,c.)

In the world there have more then 360 type of rose, where rad and white is Favourite for all.

Some people's don't know that how many type of the rose have in the world,they onlly seen few of colour not all type of rose.

In the rose there have lot of colour and also have lot of design how many we can see it's so few.

Today i will share onlly rose photography, although i have few design and collection or colour of the rose.

I making a garden on the top side of the roof,where i spanding my quality time.

From the garden i took those picture, i also sharing three video of my garden with worldofxpilar page.

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