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The life story of the duck




A duck loves to live in a very simple way. They manage their life in a very simple way. They always love to move around with you.

These things are found in abundance in the rural areas of Bangladesh and they can easily live in these rural areas.  The biggest reason for this is that the rural areas of our country are very open nature and the natural beauty of rivers, canals and beels is abundant in these areas due to which these ducks have no shortage of places to roam and they can roam as they wish.  They can go from place to place at will and you can see in the picture above how beautiful the upper face is. If they are allowed to do this, they will grow up in a very short time and then you will be amazed to see how beautiful it is.


Now I will tell you how their lives begin and how they live together

The life of these leaf ducks begins with the hatching of an egg from a hatchling and the baby grows in it. This baby grows into a mother smile one day but there are many stories of life in it. These tasks need proper care to grow.  If these are not properly cared for, they will be large, but they will have many days to spare. If you take good care of them, you will never know how short it will be to catch this eye.  They are very quiet in nature. They always love to live in groups and love to hang out together in the river canals of Iran. They are found in abundance in the rural areas of our country so they are always seen swimming in the ponds.


These ducks are very easy to cultivate, so there is no need to spend a lot of money on them. These ducks need to make a nice arrangement to stay overnight so that those who have become the king of harmful animals who eat these ducks do not come near it.  And all you have to do is give this animal some food in the morning and throw it out. Then it will be seen that this animal will not feel the need for your own food. They will be able to collect their own food from outside and eat it all day.  And they will go around to study and from there they will find their own food and they will eat on their own. So the cost is much less here. If you want to build a big hill, the first thing you have to do is build a pond where  The more these ducks are able to swim, the more they will be able to swim and the more they will grow and the less germs they will have.

Raising ducks is a lucrative business in my opinion due to the fact that the amount of land in the country is much lower and the profit is much higher and not only do we get meat from these ducks but we can collect a lot from history.  If you see this duckling lays more than 250 to 300 eggs a year then you will see how much you can realize and these duck eggs can be sold in our country market for 10 to 15 rupees then you can tell if you have ducks on your farm  Then you can collect eggs from your farm every day and earn money by selling them in the market.


  It is not a very difficult thing to do because it can be done by housewives. We are keeping it in most parts of Bangladesh. There is no need to farm and if someone wants to farm, they can farm and leave a person to take care of them.


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