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In India, Bill passed the declaration of the state's declaration of cow


![cow-india-20181215213718.jpg]( in the Himachal Pradesh meeting, a bill has been exceeded in support of the announcement of cow as the kingdom president. This invoice turned into surpassed inside the Himachal meeting on Thursday. In September this 12 months, a suggestion to claim cow as India's mom inside the nation of Uttar Pradesh, dominated by using the BJP, turned into exceeded in September. A file of the instances of India said that Congress celebration member Anirudh Singh submitted the proposal with assist from the BJP. Himachal will now send it to the center because the concept is passed in the meeting. Anirudh Singh stated, 'there is no cow fall in any faith and caste. Cow has massive contribution toward mankind. Uttarakhand has already declared the cow because the state president. while the cow does no longer supply milk, it does not have any area. therefore, it's far essential to claim the cow because the nation president right now. ' The Congress Legislature additionally claimed that the new law must be made within the country to prevent cow slaughter and molestation. state Fisheries Minister Virendra Kanwar stated, the government of Jairam Tagore is creating a cow conservation middle at a fee of Taka 1.fifty two crore. This conservation middle is located in Solan and Kangra. The cows ministries additionally demanded to save best the cow, the legislators said.
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