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What is the test tube baby and why?



*About 40 percent of the cases are boys, 40 percent are girls, and the remaining 20 percent are unaware because of the stereotype. The main cause of boys' sterility is stress, excessive labor, late marriage, genital infection, environment and different types of lifestyle such as alcohol acceptance etc. The absence of dyspnea or sperm count, its speed is reduced and it becomes thicker, it is not spontaneous but spontaneous sperm, which is called azospermia and sometimes found in the sperm, which is never known as oligospormia. For these reasons, males are in bondage. If all of the women are normal in this case, then sperm is transmitted through eggs or ovaries with a special process in a special process. This is called ecsey (ohizo) And the reasons behind the prevention of women are that if the tubes or duct coupled with sperm can be blocked or damaged, if there is a fibroid-related tumor or endometriosis in the uterus, the cyst or ovarian failure in the ovaries or ovaries and the stomach There are many operations in the ovary - in these cases, if all is suitable for males, then the IVSI (ICSI) is needed.* ![]( [Img src]( ***What is the test tube baby and why?*** ***Normal pregnancy:*** *It is also the process of natural pregnancy that is in test tube. But the difference is that the primary part of the body is external to the outside. In the process of reproduction, the unicellular eggs are fertilized after taking sperm. Outside the body, the embryo is created in two or five days in the special culture media, like the uterus or submarine-like environment. That is why the name of the baby named test tube. Generally, girls are practically matured for 13-14 days in a regular 28-day period. At the time of her or her three-four days ago, with the help of her husband, thousands of sperms came in the dumps of an hour. They live here for 3-4 hours. Usually every symphonies per m. 20 to 200 million sperm comes out in liters and 2-3 meters. Liter siemens are out. In this eggplant, a single sperm containing 8 microns in an egg containing 100 microns in diameter will enter in some special processes. Later, during the five-six-day period, a special type of fluid was hatching through a blastocyst from the fracture in the process of cleavage. Later these parts were filled in test tube. After the embryo implantation is done. Here are some stimulant medicines that help in this process.* *The test tube process is dependent on a teamwork. Here the gynecomologist, the abbraologist lab-technician, the counseling team and nurses are involved. The entire IBF takes about 10-12 months. Prior to that, a pre-IVF bike is needed. Because, at this time, the patients were informed about the necessary testing, counseling and its medical expenses, successes and failures. Husband's simen analysis, blood sugar and sexually transmitted diseases are examined. And on the second day of his wife, Hormone Panel, HbS Antigen, Transvaginal Ultrasound, Blood Sugar, Hemoglobin, Chest X-ray and ECG were made. The success of this treatment depends largely on patient's patience and belief.* ***Which type of test tube is worth taking baby?*** *80 percent of the couples were able to get children in the first year of marriage. 10 percent of the succeeded year succeeded For the remaining 10 percent of the children, medical support at any stage is necessary. Those two couples who are not able to get children for two years are considered fit for test tube baby.* ***What kind of problem can girls be in a childhood?*** *There are mainly eight reasons. The biggest reason for the failure of females for forty years is the failure of the ovaries. As a result, sperm is not mixed with the egg. Hormone dislocation is also a cause. Failure of egg production and maturity, the quality of the egg, excess thickness of the ovum ovule, the presence of antibodies in the ovaries is the reason for the stability of the girls. Apart from this, the failure of uterine in the fetus and the tumor and inflammation in the uterus, which is called Endometriosis, may be infertile or barren for the problem.* ***Do you have any relation with the age of girls?*** *It is to be remembered that the age of childbearing is not endless. With age, the likelihood of holding children's children decreased. Between 10 to 30 years is a good time to have children. So, if there is no child in this age, then better treatment should be taken without wasting time. If the age of 35 is over, then many obstacles arising from childbirth. If the age limit is beyond forty years, then there is no benefit to the health care providers.* ***What kind of test and method for test tube baby is done for girls?*** *Transvagnetic ultrasonography is a special examination method. Controlled ovarian stimulation is done for women who have no barrierless ovaries and ovulation is satisfactory. It is necessary to take appropriate time to measure hypertension of folic acid through ultrasangogram. There is also a process called Intra-Uterine Insemination. In this case, the sperm capable of moving the sperm from the husband is separated from the lab by applying the exact time of the lab and with the help of a fine catheter, the woman is inserted in the uterus. Inhalation of the most common in vitro fertilization is done. Ovaries are collected from the ovaries through the operation and the sperm is given to the sperm. After the birth of the deceased, the wife was admitted to the womb. Here the sperm is inserted into the egg with the help of IVF machine.* ![]( [Img src]( ***Why men are barren?*** *Among the many factors, stress or stress is one of the most important. This results in the loss of their physical productivity. Apart from this, getting married in modern city life is also one of the reasons. Alcohol smoking and extra smoking can infertile boys. Another reason is- Infections or infections in reproduction Our country's progress is increasing. The cause of unprotected and unsafe sex Men are not only Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV, AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases, but men are also infertile. We have to be careful about eating and drinking. Many people do not eat fatty food at all, it is inappropriate. Fish oil, nuts and honey are beneficial for men. Many male births are absent from the reproductive organs. They are naturally infertility.* ***What kind of problem can girls be in a childhood?*** *Fellopian tubes are a reason for women to stop. Because, in the nucleus, the sperm is mixed with the ovum. In this case, it is decided by laparoscopic operation. Ovarian failure in many cases is due to hormones. As a result, the egg does not get perfected. There is inflammation inside the uterus, which is called endometriosis. As a result, women are unable to conceive. Ovaries or ovaries include cysts, tumors, but problems arise. Women like men are the main cause of bacterial infection in reproductive organs. In many cases, women are affected by various sexually transmitted diseases and are thus barren. If there is no child for this problem, it should be called IVF or in-vitro fertilization, which is called external.* ***What is IVF?*** *The process of fetal production is called IVF due to the combination of sperm and ovum, causing the uterine environment through various chemical fluids outside the body. Another name for this is test tube baby. Prior to this procedure, special types of hormone injections are given for the production of ova in women. It is currently done by recumbent pulse stimulating hormone injections. Its cost is one to one and a half million. For this reason, every couple costs about 70-80 thousand rupees and two to two and a half lakhs for test tube babi. In America, this cost is approximately 10 to 12 million and in Singapore, the bank is around five to six lakhs. For the first time in a couple's attempt, if the test tube is not baby, then he should try at least twice more. The success rate of this process in the developed countries of the world is 30-40 percent. In Bangladesh, there are five such centers in Dhaka that are similar to the success. In this process, one counsel for patients, they should be patiently treated by the supper mission of a qualified doctor at a center.Many patients from America are getting positive results in Bangladesh.* support me please Then I will support you. 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