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Reduce physical ability in nicotine


mamunkhan image source - [Click Here]( All smokers know about the different types of smoker smoking. Still, smoking is seen to be very few smokers. Smoking can lead to lung cancer, heart ulcers, and heart attacks. Low life expectancy, working ability, smokers still have no worries. Many people have been smoking for many years, my grandfather was a smoker, my father was a smoker, I did not see any problem. But unfortunately, those who come to the true danger are those who understand. The most worrying thing is that the big loss of smoking is more noticeable. But there is a lot of damage which does not get noticed. However, 5 to 10 percent of the smoker's physical capacity or sexual capacity decreases due to smoking. And the main enemy of reducing this physical power is cigarette, bidi, tobacco, nicotine, harmful chemicals in poison in the jordia. Nicotine just turns the blood vessel narrow and helps in fat burning in the heart's blood vessels, this nicotine reduces the normal flow of blood. As a result, the movement of organs in the limbs is hampered. It reduces physical ability, as well as reduces the normal ability of nicotine lungs and heart. As a result, physical weakness is seen in many cases. Cigarette nicotine temporarily stimulates the brain but also causes long-term loss of brain nicotine. Nicotine dilates the blood vessel in the brain, causing the circulation of blood in the brain. The brain becomes weak As a result, the brain needs to have the necessary signal delay due to the presence of excess blood flow in a particular area. As a result, physical energy is not available in many cases. So quit smoking today, be able to work, create beautiful bridal life.
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