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What foods should be eaten to retain youth?


Another name for vitamin C is ascorbic acid. Vitamin C reverses the effects of age on the body. As a result, youth can be retained for a long time. The constant decay in our body, the change in age is mainly due to oxidation. Antioxidants in vitamin C.
Contains nuts, which strengthen the cell membrane, preventing it from breaking down easily. In this way the body and skin are protected. Vitamin C controls cholesterol levels and protects the heart. Vitamin C is also needed for long-term bedridden, paralyzed and bed sore patients.
Vitamin C indirectly fights cancer patients. Vitamin C contributes to the beauty of hair. It protects the hair from dryness and brittleness. Maintains naturalness of hair. Vitamin C is beneficial for sunburned skin. Sunburned skin, the body gets back to normal soon after getting proper vitamin C. If you take more vitamin C, the feeling of sunburn goes away quickly and the skin becomes healthy. Vitamin C is needed for healthy and beautiful skin even if there is no disease. Vitamin C has a major role in the formation of collagen. The role of collagen is important in keeping skin healthy and beautiful; So vitamin C is needed for vibrant, beautiful skin.
Those who take part in the competition are less likely to get respiratory illness if they take regular vitamin C three weeks in advance. Vitamin C also relieves physical and mental stress. Patients suffering from excessive tension or depression have been found to have good results with vitamin C.
Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron. When iron is in ferrous state, the body can easily absorb and use it. Vitamin C is especially helpful in keeping iron that way. It prevents anemia. Vitamin C is also needed for amino acid metabolism.
Vitamin C can deal with a variety of viral infections and reduce the symptoms of the disease. Vitamin C also works well for colds, coughs and colds. It also reduces the chances of getting respiratory diseases. If the body gets the right amount of vitamin C every day, cataracts do not appear in the eyes when one is a little older. Athletes need vitamin C in their body.

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