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Sometimes it seems like we are all day to day
Becoming selfish,
You have to give something in return, otherwise the defeat is more.
The body wants
Exhaustion is the head to embrace fatigue
Quickly a cup of hot hot tea.
Wants virtue
Soft bath to wipe the sweat of hard work.
Karma wants a little smell of double rice vegetables
God wants
Headache medicine.
Fakir's beggar stopped begging when he got tired
Prayers come out of their throats instead of supplications
The wind of poverty broke the ribs of the chest.

Oh god
What do I want from this world
That gives to fill the stomachs of the hungry
Wealth of the rich, weapons of the murderers
The disease of the sick, the weakness of the weak and the burden of the entity in the hands of the unjust.

Create selfless empathy I am still writing poetry
Poetry has soaked the night of words in the water of thought!

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