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When God speaks, He acts...

Let's study the Book of John:1:1-5

Jesus did not begin to exist.

He was there with the Father in the beginning as the word of God and the Light of life. 

Jesus is the image the invisible God. 

He is the creator and sustainer.

Although man has heard His word and seen His light, in our darkness, we did not recognize Him, but we can not overcome Him. However He shows his grace toward us that while yet sinners He died for us,and gave us the right to become sons of God. 


Jesus is the word as in Revelations 19:13
Jesus is the light and brings life with him.

If there is no life, there is no light. 

People reject Jesus who brings life and thus live in darkness as He also is the light. 

Gen.1:3 God says, "let there be light") If you reject Jesus, you walk in darkness. 


The word preexisted, coexisted with God, and self-existed. 

The word was responsible for creation. 

Nothing came into being that was not brought into being by the word of God.
When God speaks,He acts.

When his life comes, light comes, when both life and light comes, He acts.
Jesus is the one who will give you the life, light, and action because he works and the Lord knows I need life, light and action in every area of my life.


Remember: Not everyone will recognize our

Creator but our life is given by God...


​​​​May the Lord Blesses you!


Your Brother in Christ,


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