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My Declaration...

Today let's study the scripture in the Book of John 8:12-30 

The key to Jesus' confidence and identity lay in relationship with the Father. 

The same will also for us.
As we spend time with the Father in prayer, in worship or in reading the Bible / Scriptures, our sense of identity and confidence in who you are in God will grow.
You can know where you have come from and where you are heading.

No matter what people say about you, you can walk confidently with head held high.
Your identity is in Christ.

It is rooted in what he says about you and His presence with.

Here's my Declaration:

I am what the Bible says I am.
I can do what the Bible says I can do.
I have what the Bible says I have.
I am a victorious. I am more than conqueror.

For greater is He(Jesus) who is in me, than he (satan) who is in the world.
I am blessed to be a blessing.

I am healed. 

I'm out of debt. 

I have more than enough to bless the nations of the world.


How about your Faith and Declaration?

Go on, Believe to God and you will have it!

May the Lord Bless you more...


Your Brother in Christ,


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