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Lift our Eyes Up to the Heaven…

Let’s look what’s the Lord says in the Book of Zechariah 2:1-13

This book poses as an encouragement to a discouraged people.
In the midst of trials and tribulations there is hope, all we need to do is to lift our eyes up to the heavens and you will see what God is up to you.
When you do not look up, you will see what the world have to offer, but when the heart looks up, it connects to the heavens and God reveals you his plans of redemption.

God has brought the remnants back from Babylon.
Babylon has represents captivity or the world.

He is calling us to "come out of the world". 

Stop living as the world lives. 

We are His children. 

We are the apple of his eye. 

Something precious that is to be protected. 

If you drop an apple on the floor, it might tear a crack in it or bruise it. 

We carry them carefully and take a special care with them.
You are precious in God's sight.

He knows you are to be taken care of. 

You are important to Him and He watched over you carefully. 

He doesn't want harm to come to us. 

God is telling the remnants that many are going to be joined. 

This remnant will grow. 

It's going to reach out among nations. 

God's church has no walls. 

We are all joined through Jesus. 

We are One Church, One Body and One People. 

He tells us to sing and rejoice because He will dwell with us. 

He will be among us.
There will come a day, when He will set His throne back in Jerusalem.

Until that day, know that God is aroused, stirred up for His people!

Be still before the Lord.



I lift up my eyes to the hills-- Because my help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.


May the Lord Blesses you...


Your Brother in Christ,


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