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The Mysterious Pansy Flower



The Pansy flower is that flower that perhaps we are super-accustomed to seeing, and that sometimes we admire its beauty little by its almost excessive appearance in our daily life, but that nevertheless, We never question why it is that common flower, that we constantly sow or recommend for gardens. So I'll talk a little about the meaning of it.


Those who know about the subject say that around the 19th century, many European florists, with different studies and styles, set out (perhaps moved by the thirst to create something better than given by nature) to generate a new species, resulting from crossing the flowers of wild thought, with different varieties of violet. With the manifest objective of creating a pattern of more attractive flowers and the clear liberal imprint, the flower of thought became popular, even to this day.

His name, and perhaps paradoxically, is because they say he refers to his appearance when it begins to wilt, at which time he adopts a forward-leaning position, which resembles a small human figure reflecting and absorbed in his thoughts.


This curious urban legend that is several centuries old, embodies many things that today we could question, such as the arbitrariness of representing the human figure in the execution of the action of thinking, in a specific and specific physical position, that is not innocently inclined forward, as in reverence, but in truth, has little of universal.

Leaving aside the question of the origin of the flower, there is another popular myth, which as it could not be otherwise, has to do with love spells. They say that if you put the pansy flower on top of someone who is sleeping, the powers of this flower are activated in the person, making them fall madly in love with the first person they see upon awakening. I do not want to imagine the number of love problems that have been caused in the history of mankind because of the knowledge of such magnificent powers.


The truth is that this beautiful flower is always related to nostalgia, to missing someone, and that perhaps if we look further, it also bears the imprint of the desire to be thought for the other, not to be forgotten.

Or maybe, after all, we have no choice but to admit that flowers are just flowers, as William Shakespeare said, "There's pansies, that's for thoughts" referring to This flower.

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Photos taken with Nikon Coolpix L830 Bogotá, Colombia
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