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The mystery of murder



![IMG_20181031_105210.jpg]( Good music is good But in one place Seeing at one time looks very boring Get started Like my current situation I looked at the brother with curved lips. Too The sign of irritability. That means both of them are playing and I can not cope. I shouted to him, 'brother Come. My mind is not sitting. He waved his head. We are both chairs I went to the lounge. We are I was in front A few of our chair Racket Encourage others towards them Seeing the annoyance once again covered My face Once I told my brother, 'Hossain Sahib is the reason for these people May have arranged so much for the wedding. It Otherwise, I would not be like him Did not see Marrying, forty crossing After.' 'Yes, the taste of such a person is very low. Life made money in both hands. now Come and get married. I have heard that, who is married Doing, he or a very poor family Girl Maybe he's a good life You are married for giving. Moreover, the girl It's so beautiful. We were silent for a long time. Brother's Sr. Inspector Zakir Saro is also ours With Basically we are from Him I came to the wedding. He told his brother, 'I did not want to come. Necessarily my friend Come to marry. Nor is anyone with that I do not like it. Aryan, you are mine Come with And yes, also your brother Abir Come on. ' Mehman partners about playing almost all songs Has been there. We were sitting in a room on the sofa I am Some people in the list of these Seeing me go A gentleman in him Came here. We know salam Gave me The man's appearance is very difficult, natural Matching the shoulder with So long as he speaks Sir said ours. He is Hussein Brother's elder brother Faruque Said, 'him I am very surprised to see marriage. Outside Have there. As far as I know, he is still Hussein Do not like. Once he is in bad company Where have the arm gone? Did not find anyone. Then Hussein's Happy days have come. Farooq returned to the year After ten His mother died in those days. I heard When he saw the younger brother making money, he was violent Breech Because of that he was with Hussein Does not exist. Today's brother's wedding It was a surprise to see that he came. Immediately I thought, maybe his loneliness is the rate of violence Adjusted. ' The face of a tough face is down on our sofa He sat in bed and sat down. We breakfast him Whoever, I did not. He said, dinner Froze She's from a pocket Cigarettes are out. But around Troubled by not seeing any of the athletes Are going I started looking at the neighborhood. Door I saw, on that side, the new wife's walkway Is doing So far the fair from the next room I heard laughing. It was probably there So long Farooq looked at him To the Mr. We are easy to environment To make the girl come in I said. With him two girl companions Have there. One sees me only metimeti Laugh She is in my words through one girl Anatol Amata maltakatara macheki Laughing out, you have to eat three of you Has been called. She might have already been there Knew who we are Wife's eyes Looks like a patter, maybe Farooq It's not easy to talk to your mate. So he got out of the room with us Went away. Faruk Sahib own possession He got off the lights. We are I came to eat. Those who have music, they are Maybe eat it later. If not, then stomach rice Drama will come out in the rhythm Feeling very boring. One among the brothers Flutter Always one among the police The chase is probably very likely. Hussein a long time ago I saw. Sitting in his room. He alone Being a part of the song, I became a partner. ![IMG_20181031_105210.jpg]( Then he was drowned in the memory of his mother. We left him alone. Two brothers Maybe the nature in the dark. Anyway, we eat ten minutes a day Sit down. Suddenly someone came and singing music Stopped it From the inner room The noise is coming. Three of them are curious Gone out I went to the crowds of people who saw, the head The sky broke down! Hossain The body of Sahib's body is lying in the bed Abdominal The side is bloody. Whoever killed a knife by inserting a knife Has done Zakir sir broke down. Brother Taking him up. I'm still shocked! Because Hussein had no one of his own All of the girlfriends have come. They kept their faces covered. New Wife sitting on the floor. So little The young woman likes this guy Not talking about That's twice the age! What is that Are you crying? What is the man's sympathy? Show? Zakir's orders came to the police force The investigation started. All the people in the house Were combined. Looking at Farooq Sahib No Because he is probably in the dark, the police rumaya People did not notice that there are people. Well, the murderer Who did? Farooq Sahib? No, anyone may be. Sir said, 'Faruk I do not see him. ' 'He is in a room.' I said. 'Abir,' said the brother, 'bring him down.' I went with him to the lights of his room Burned it He's a new cigarette Soon after. Asher is filled with ashes Have there. I got him down. Brother Cigarette from his hands hearing of death Fell down How likely is the reaction? Do not think, you can not get it. But he is What ... Police and brothers in their usual courts Started the clash Nothing found out. Murder The knife is the weapon on one side You can probably walk At one time the police jatla In front of a room in front of A little earlier From the room that brought Faruq Sahib, In that room. Zakir Sir, hurry around Went away. My former acquaintance with the police Since there is a common man from within I also went away. A knife has been found. It is wrapped in a large rosemary. Blood Put in it The police are under the pillow under the bed The knife got it This is a different question That's the only one in this room that came in until it stopped Farooq Sahib was the only one. Hossain Sahib Blood still does not dry. The murderer is just now. Probably after we eat. Only then Farooq Saheb killed her. Probably In spite of animosity. But he denied the word Are going to do All doubts are solely his Goes towards the side. Finally he was dumb forest Went away. Wait for tomorrow Tortured to kill Perhaps forgot to remove fingerprint in the knife Gone. All of the knife can be with knife The Dhaka was not there. So, tomorrow may be fingerprint Holding the crime of Farooq Sahib Can be He killed his brother? Why not on the wedding day? All of the doubts Someone in the house of the people of the house For? No, there seems to be a scurry somewhere. However Why are you not being disturbed by the prison? The killer tried to cover his own crime Do it. The next day Hossain Sahib's post There is nothing known through the mortem. And No fingerprints were found in the knife. The handkerchief of fingerprint from the knife does not wipe Because of the pillow pressure from the fold, it may fade Has gone. Otherwise he is the one who gave up. To rescue a knife from his sitting room Because of the evidence he was taken into prison That's it. Before he goes out of the way Just said a few times, I'm his killer Did not But the proof is the same as Kalpreet said. Before the cry of the crying at night The night julus all covered. Married at home Death. I still feel screwed. Farooq Saheb Only a serious man, a fierce temperament. He is If you are murdered, the mood of mood gets caught Should have grown. But he was calm. A common thing is for everyone to go to jail Not. Why does he feel in his case, he This topic is generally taken? Oh yeah, he So at one time with bad guys Had lived Maybe you went to jail earlier. But why did he see me? It seems that his gravity A grief cover below the mask Is there? I told my brother about my doubts. He said, like the police, 'the proof is He is the killer. ' "But he is in jail even after a fierce mood Went silently. The killers are probably themselves Continues to try hard to get caught. 'Then what can I do?' He is not a murderer, I have no evidence of this. ' 'Well, check the room well Has gone? ' 'No, the knife was found at the beginning. Tension I did not check anything. Abir? ' 'Hoo' 'Are you thinking of going to that room? That's but It is still in the previous state. ' To say that brother, take his hand and pull it out I took him to the room. Both are matching I looked for The room, while holding the killer knife here Was dark. He is wrong Maybe you can. We look for a lot Not getting anything special. The killer found what Not to be caught. ![IMG_20181031_105210.jpg]( Brother with Zakir Sir, with a frustrated disappointment Sat down The girls are crying. I am I went to that. Once you have noticed Everybody saw auctions. Everyone is fairly rough about Be sorry Tomorrow's mock laughter girl Standing in a corner of the mobile. The cellar spread over the bed. The girl's mother weeps I cried, 'Burned forehead is mine. Me Girl's forehead forehead Husband before marriage Lost. Who is this jewelery for? How to wear? ' Ahamari kind of cry. Such a woman's mind Is. If the rich man sees the head is not right. Young girls shrink to marry Does not I think about seeing a rate of thinking Shocked I went by the bed Take a look at the price of the auction. That Is this rate of stone? Here's one Stone's place is empty. That girl Can be used. I went to stack up the impression. I asked, 'Who is the jewelry?' 'Nahidar.' 'Who was supposed to be married, his name?' 'Yes, before the girl finished her speech, she had her The hands of the mobile bravate. A boy named Rajiv calls. She gave her mobile to Nahida. Her That means it is not Nahidar. And to be astonished, Keeping the call, he kept the call Has given The girl came back to me again I asked, 'Well, at the time of his death, Nahida Where was that? The house we were sitting in The next room? ' 'No, after a while you go, we turn off the lights Let's go out Of course at that time Rajiv Due to last talk with brother Nahida Many cried Kajal is in his lip She told me that she went to the washroom in the washroom Went away Then we girls Let's go to the stage. ' 'And who is this Rajiv?' The girl fell on her face. 'His former boyfriend The boy is poor Nahid was not married to him because he was dishonored. Bechari Even today, his love was crying because he could not forget. ' 'Bad', I started to murmur. 'What?' 'nothing.' I went to brother soon. Zakir siro Are with him Asked to the brother I said, 'Well, Hossain Sahib's Who are the property? Still his? ' 'Hey, he's a very emotional one The guy was there. Before the wedding, the fiancee's wife Everything was done by name. ' 'Oh ... Ic.' 'What happened?' 'Now everything is cleansed.' 'What?' I opened all the facts and said, 'Farooq Saheb's I have the proof of innocence. When we I came, the door was a servant with a key Opened. Because it's a guest room. Someone to stay Not there. Everyone else was busy playing the song outside. 'We came after the wife came.' 'He talked to us up to the sofa Came. Not even up to the bed. And mine What is a big part of suspicion? Do you know An ashtray We are I was outside for fifteen minutes. We are While going to the Faruk Sahib drinking cigarettes He started at the beginning. Then if he killed Used to go, but ashtray fill the ashes Did not exist He got cigarette sitting here Was doing it. Later, I and my brother were looking for that room I get a stone. Unnecessary But keep it Girl going to the room I see it is the stone of Nahidar Harare. That means more The day went by the bed. Perhaps that murder Has done I explain, he is a former There are lovers, Rajiv. That boy is poor. Nahida loves him very much. This love Maybe he has to do such a thing. Being the property of all his name and being at peace Could run away with the boyfriend. But did not escape. Kheta Hussain Sahib who was the path! Nahida How Faruk Sahib Seeing, you know. That look Said, Nahida knew about him. That's why He was scolded. I say, how did Nahida Did the job. Spread his sari's hand upwards Was there. So handkerchief and knife are easily hidden Goes. Faruq was in a dark room. The lights in the adjacent room were closed. So Nahida Hossain was killed by the murders Silently sitting pillar pillar in Faruk's bed Keeping a knife down the sarcophagus. On the other hand Hossain Sahib's room Being dark, Nahida hit him easily Have helped Now I say, even dark darkness That was not because he was able to beat. Husain Sahib may have tears due to eyes Came here On the other hand, Farooq Sahib one after another A cigarette pulls around in front of the eyes Smoke has seen the eye, which is the eye Impact on Then we three Send food to eat, At the stage of the girls, and the rest are singing Playing was in the rhythm. He is very easy to do in the meantime The job has been cleared. Maybe you are See how Nahida Hussein He kneel down on the side of his body Was there. Everything was acting in her. Force him An elderly man was being given a marriage With So his death in such a girl There is no reason to mourn! ' Zakir sir dukare said, 'mine What is wrong with friends? So soft mind People were! The girl is looking for property Would have Why did you kill him? Why? ' 'The girl is young. So, what is it? Did not think Besides, his boyfriend is one of the evils Boy That might be in control of Nahida Did. ' The door of the girls' room is now open. Nahida is seen. Unprotected posture He is standing. Why hand mehende If he gets to wear handcuffs in the next place! Why? Because of love? (Finished ..)
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