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Some photography of pumpkin flowers in our land in the afternoon


We are worshipers of beauty. Seeing something beautiful attracts our mind or heart a lot more. So we are fascinated when we see something beautiful around us. Especially the beauty of nature attracts us the most. The Creator has given us this beauty of nature. Notice the inside of the flowers. How beautiful it looks! The uterus inside the flower looks a lot like the fingers of a human hand. It seemed to me that a human being understood six fingers and clenched his fists inside these flowers.One of the most beautiful objects in nature is the flower which easily attracts any animal including human beings with its beauty. So other animals including humans fall in love with flowers and flowers are used as a substitute for love.

Flowers are one of the symbols of love. That is, the use of flowers is important for exchanging love. Flowers that play the most important role in enhancing the beauty of the earth. Be it the expensive flowers in the garden or the flowers on the side of the road. The only comparison of flowers is flowers. When I go for a walk on our land in the afternoon. Then from a distance these flowers fell in my eyes. These yellow flowers can be seen from afar and fascinate many people with their beauty. These are pumpkin flowers. As these flowers enhance the beauty of our nature, these flowers can be eaten as well as increase our nutritional value.

The flowers looked really awesome to me. My father had planted a pumpkin tree on a small part of our land a few days ago. Now these trees have started flowering and some small sweet pumpkins are seen along with them. Which is a real pleasure and looks good. I hope these will have a good yield. These flowers are very nutritious and very tasty to eat.


I hope you like my photography too. In other words, you will like the picture of these flowers captured on my mobile phone camera. I did some photography of these flowers with my mobile phone because I liked it so much. Although this flower is not adorned in any ceremony or exchanged between lovers, this flower is liked by many people and attracts many animals with its beauty. I hope nature lovers will like this flower.

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