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Shalok || One of nature's unique gifts........


Nature means something strange. Shalok is such a strange food of nature. Shalok is now a popular vegetable. Although at one time it was neglected by many. But due to its nutritional value and taste, its value has increased.Shalok grow at the base of water lilies. Shalok are usually found in low lying areas during the monsoon season.During the monsoon season, water lilies grow extensively in the lowlands. From the rainy season to the end of autumn, a lot of water lilies grow on the low lands of rivers, canals and ponds. From whose roots Shalok is collected. Of course, Shapla is the national flower of our country, Bangladesh. 

As the water recedes, it is collected from the base of the water lily.At the base of the water lily, multiple cocoons are born which gradually grow into shaluk. 

Shalok black oval in shape. This means that this delicious fruit is inside the shell of the black cover. It is not found in urban areas, but it is found in rural areas. It can be eaten boiled or burnt as an alternative to rice. It is very tasty to eat. 

Each Shalok weighs about 40 grams to 70 grams. This fruit can be eaten raw, but it is very tasty to eat boiled or burnt. Playing it eliminates hunger. Moreover it increases digestive energy and increases energy. Such is the idea of ​​many.It is true that eating this fruit increases digestive energy and helps in rapid energy growth. Moreover, it satisfies the hunger of many. Moreover it helps in preventing itching and bloody diarrhea. Moreover, this fruit is rich in iron and contains calcium and vitamins. So it can be said that its nutritional value and many more. 

It is a wonderful gift of nature found under the ground. It is as good to eat as it is nutritious. It tastes so good to me. In many parts of Bangladesh, it is sold at Rs 70 taka to 100 taka per kg. The market demand is also good. Many people make a living by collecting it from the roots of water lilies and selling it in the market.

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