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Pigeon || The symbol of peace..


When we see pigeons, it is as if our love for pigeons works from our minds. There is a different feeling. The beauty of the pigeon fascinates us a lot and we want to see its beauty standing. Many people are fascinated by the beauty of pigeons and their eloquence. So many people keep pigeons for love or as a hobby.The pigeon is said to be a symbol of peace. In earlier times, kings used to tie messages on the feet of pigeons. It can be said that pigeons were used as messengers then. I also used to see in various movies that lovers exchanged letters through pigeons. Although how real is it? I do not know.On the other hand, there is no pair of pigeon meat as a diet for the patient. From a very young age, I have been seen feeding pigeon meat to sick people or small children, especially pigeon meat. It is rich in iron, pigeon meat is not only nutritious, it can prevent many diseases for good health. Pigeon meat has many benefits. It improves our liver, kidneys, memory. Many young pigeons are kept as a hobby. They sell pigeons and manage their own pocket money. The success of many amateur pigeon lovers is worth mentioning.

Anyway, I saw these pigeons on the street a few days ago. I mean, when I was walking down the street, I saw pigeons moving around. Perhaps the pigeons were looking for food. Occasionally small insects eat them. They came very close to me. They were not afraid of me. It seemed to me that these were probably familiar to me long ago. However, the pigeons fascinate me a lot. 

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