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Moth Photography...


Moths and butterflies are insects of the same episode. Moths and butterflies are a paraphyletic group of insects belonging to the class Lepidoptera.Most of these species of Lepidoptera are moths. Most species of moths are nocturnal, but crepascular and diurnal species also exist ....

This insect is seen in paddy fields. Probably it is also called rice moth.


Rice moth is a noxious insect that eats inside the stems of rice crops. Moth insects can penetrate the trunk of the tree and eat the trunk from the inside. Moth insect infestation can usually reduce the yield by 13 to 28 percent. Extensive attacks can result in crop failures. The tip dies when attacked at the stage of physical growth. When attacked after flowering, the entire head turns white.

Every day we look around and see different species of insects. I saw this insect in a paddy field. When I tried to take it in hand, but then it tried to hide inside the paddy field. It tried to get inside my shirt. Again for a long time it tried hard to hide inside the paddy field. This makes it more comfortable to stay in the dark from open space.


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