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Dragonfly || Some memories of my past with Dragonfly


We are surrounded by countless species of tiny insects. Whose beauty attracts and fascinates us. We paused for a moment to enjoy the beauty of the little insects. Dragonfly is a small insect with such beauty. During the rainy season, dragonflies with a variety of beautiful plants can be seen in the vicinity of the water or in the streets, sidewalks or backyards. Which easily fascinates any person with its beauty and its features. Although now the spring wind has started to blow. So at present the dragonfly is not so noticeable. Occasionally, however, a few small dragonflies can be seen perched on the branches or leaves of a tree. A few small dragonflies can be seen sitting on litchi trees and mango trees in front of our house. Which you are looking at the picture I shared. I really liked these dragonflies of different colors so I tried to do some photography. Although I am not a professional photographer.


Memories of my past with Dragonfly

Especially those who grew up in rural areas like me, spent their childhood and adolescence in rural areas. As they flip through the pages of memory, many may think of catching a small dragon fly later.


When the dragonfly was sitting in the backyard or on the stalks of a small tree, I would secretly extend two fingers towards the tail of the dragonfly. But the dragon fly is very clever in nature. Because I think the head part of it could rotate at a 360 degree angle. So before catching them, they would fly away and sit somewhere else. And I would get frustrated again and again.


Sometimes I would stick some sticky substance on the end of a big stick and stick it in the tail of the dragon fly. Then it would get stuck. And tried to fly. When I went to catch the dragon fly with my hand, it would bite into my hand. Even though I didn't feel much pain, I was still a little scared.


Now these are just memories. Seeing Dragonfly now reminds me of all those memories of the past. Because in my childhood I used to catch dragon fly with many friends or cousins ​​and play with them. Those times were really fun. Although it is not desirable to kill the dragonfly. Because it protects us from eating a variety of harmful insects. Moreover, their importance and immense in maintaining the balance of the world.



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