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Doves Photography...


Every day the chirping of different birds wakes me up. I also mentioned in my last few posts that lots of birds live in our house. Especially in the evening and in the morning, the whole house is buzzing with the chirping of different birds. Many native birds can be seen flying in or around the house all day.This bird can be seen in our house. This bird nest was in the back of our room. This bird looks a lot like a pigeon. The characteristics of this bird are a lot like the characteristics of a pigeon and everything from laying eggs and hatching is similar to the characteristics of a pigeon.The bird you see in the picture is probably a small baby bird. It can't fly that much. A few days ago, I saw two such birds lay their eggs. Perhaps it is their baby bird. Because, when I was writing a post on my mobile. Just then this bird came and sat very close to me. I went to it but it could not get up so I went to catch it and flew away again. It didn't feel scared, It felt scared again. So I did some photography. It fascinates me a lot more.

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