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Bird's nest || A beautiful installation of nature made in a perfect way


Our world is diverse. Every creature on this earth has to fight constantly to survive. Some fight for food and some fight for shelter. We always fight against all adversity in order to live well and we want to make everything beautiful. In the same way, there are many animals and birds who want to live beautifully. Many animals and birds collect food as well as make their habitat beautiful which looks like the work of a perfect artist. Such birds make their nests beautifully. And they build the nests of those birds in a very perfect way. There is no other way but to be fascinated by it. These scenes fascinate any of us and their work is undoubtedly worthy of praise.


When Taylor Bird builds a house, their work is so perfect that it seems as if a skilled craftsman has done his job with love. There is no way not to be fascinated by what you see. These works really deserve praise. That is why these birds are called Taylor Bird.The bird's nest you see in the picture is Taylor Bird's masterpiece. This bird's nest has been in sight for some time and this bird's nest is in the back of our house. I was very happy to see it. So I shared with you. I hope you like it too. When I approached the nest and touched the back of the nest with my hand, Taylor Bird flew out of the nest. Looking at the nest I was really amazed at how it turned a leaf into its beautiful abode.Taylor Bird has beautifully concealed a fig leaf. And using the leaves of that tree as his safe haven. I like this beauty of nature. This beauty of nature attracts us a lot more and fascinates us with this beauty. Although many young children saw this nest, they would catch the bird in the dark of night. But no one has noticed so the bird is still safe. May all the birds of the world and our environment be in balance. Thanks everyone for reading my content.

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