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50% Conversion Rate | Quality traffic on Steemit



In the last 5 days, I posted at the end of each article on Steemit a link and a banner which redirects to a faucet where we can earn free doge. I saw some people doing that and I thought I can't lose anything if I do so. I was amazed to see referrals are really coming. 2 Registered out of 4, that means a conversion rate of 50%.
You may say now: > Yes, but that faucet is paying too low, I am not losing my time there. Well, you are wrong. You're already spending time online, right? One click hourly is nothing. And one of my referral won 73 Doge yesterday and I got a 50% commission. You can even earn 73,000 doge, the chances are low, but it is free, right?
So, I have to say, the traffic from Steemit works, you should do it also. It's nothing wrong, as long as you announce your readers that's your referral link! Good luck! ###
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