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Black butterflies that will land on the blooming zinnia flower.



Dear serey friends! Today I will share a photo of a black butterfly that will land on a blooming red zinnia flower. ![o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAMfX4cjYxdAvpA6dUxPDG.jpeg]( This moment happens next to where I work. There are several flower plants with various colors and various forms of stems as well. This flower plant thrives there. Indeed, this plant does not need a special way to treat it. Especially now that the rainy season is of moderate intensity which makes this plant flourish. ![o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAN5SCrVi8ESLHgaw6y8g6.jpeg]( There are red, white, yellow, pink and so on. Even the stem of this flower plant has just grown, is growing but has not yet flowered and some are already flowering and almost dry to fall further into the ground in the wind and create new plants. Because this type of plant grows by way of dried flower seeds that fall to the ground. There are also these flower plants that grow far from their parent plants. This is because it might be far away from the wind that hit the flower seeds. ![o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAN111HpX8sh64um1qu7La.jpeg]( Whereas the butterflies that perch on it are butterflies with the size of bq and slightly larger with black colors combined with a little white on each of their wings. These butterflies look only temporarily perched on the flower buds. Henceforth, even this butterfly flies to move to another flower spot.
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