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Butterflies are one type of insect that is often encountered by everyone, either in the home environment or in one of the plants, but many butterflies are found in someone's flower plants. Experts say that butterflies are flying insects from the order of 'Lepidoptera' (a sequence of insects with broad wings that have overlapping scales). Whereas in Greek, 'Lepidoptera' means 'wing scale', which if we conclude that butterflies are insects that have layered wings. ![IMG_20190201_194608.jpg]( Furthermore, the experts added that butterflies have something unique and will make people amazed when searched. Many butterflies have striking colors and patterns on their wings but that depends on the type. Basically, butterflies have transparent wings, this is because their wings have pigments with melanins that can give their wings, black and brown skin, blue, green, red and other colors. ![IMG_20190201_194550.jpg]( Butterflies are often seen during the daytime, while Moths are always active at night. Most butterfly species regularly attract attention. Its diverse patterns are formed by their brightly colored wings and sometimes they fly erratically, but their beauty has made humans interested in these types of insects and eventually they became popular. ![IMG_20190201_194627.jpg]( Its beauty can attract photographers to make it an object of art and attract scientists to research it. So a little review of this type of beautiful insect, hopefully useful for you and can add to your scientific insight. Thank you very much.
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