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Nearly 80% of birds that live in this world include tame and beautiful animals, while 20% are classified as wild birds even though their bodies are beautiful and dashing, such as eagles, ostriches, and many other bird species included in wild birds. In Indonesia, keeping beautiful and cute birds in a cage is one of the things that is inseparable from the community. If we look for answers as reasons, we get a very simple answer by saying to enjoy beauty closely and real. ![IMG_20190213_193821.jpg]( I am personally very happy when I see birds playing in the wild, our hearts are happy when we see cheerful and happy birds flying there and here they are free to fly where they want, as you see in the pictures in my post. Instinctively, every bird would be very miserable if we locked it in a small cage, even though their needs were sufficient, but all they needed was their freedom to live in the wilderness or a place where people were active. ![IMG_20190213_193854.jpg]( Because of that, for what we are confining their freedom if only because we are hobbies at the expense of the rights possessed by animals that live in this world. Let them be free, let them regulate their own lives and let them continue their civilization. ![IMG_20190213_193921.jpg]( Loving them does not mean that we limit their lives or be locked in small cages, but if we like them, let them live freely in the wild, just like our lives as humans. He also wants to live freely like us. That is my hope for friends who have pet birds that hopefully what you read becomes a benefit or reflection for all of us. Thank you very much.
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