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Ants are an organized type of animal



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In world history, of course there are people who examine every type of animal, whether animals in the oceans or on land, one of which is millions of animal species that are very interesting is about the types of insects namely Black Ants. It turns out that for more than 100 million years, ants have lived on this Earth that lived side by side with humans. They can be found almost anywhere on the land of this earth, except on the Antarctic continent, it is caused by very cold air temperatures. When in 2006 there were 11,880 known ant species, most of which were in hot climates. (Book, Insects and their characteristics: 2007). Then quoted from the experts' explanation that ants are members of the family of social insects which means they live in organized colonies. The ant family is known as the Formicidae order. This means that their lives have a very high social impact and have a very large population.
**What are the characteristics**
At the signal from one of the books mentioned above. There is a great diversity among ants and their behavior in their daily lives
While the body size of ants is divided into several sizes from 2 to 25 millimeters (about 0.08-1 inches)
Whereas the colors they have also vary, mostly red or black, but other colors can also be seen but are very rarely found, including some tropical groups with metallic luster. Experts define Ants as one of the most successful groups of insects in the animal kingdom, this is evidenced by the success of their lives in making their own colonies and the population is still counted very much. One of the successes of their civilization is always to prioritize the interests of the colonies, because they are social insects in forming colonies always organized or in making nests which sometimes consist of millions of ants themselves.
The tenacity and discipline of ants should be thumbs up in making a colony. Whether from invasive or other ant species. Then ants will sometimes work together to form super colonies and this every member of the ant family has a certain job, which covers a very large area of ​​land. Ant colonies are sometimes described as superorganisms because they appear to function as a whole. In a sense they get a signal from the leader in doing their respective tasks. They work structurally like an empire that has their own profession.
If we pay attention to the fact that ants have explored almost every land on Earth, this is proven by finding them in every country in the world. They can be found in any hemisphere, they have up to 15% of the total biomass of tropical rainforest animals.
In the Amazon forest, the combined weight of ants is said to be four times greater than tetrapods in the same area. It is also estimated that the size of their ant population exceeds the number of humans.
This is said because the amount is larger because of their small size. But if an ant is the size of another animal, for example as large as a goat, it will fill this world with a very large population. However, they will not have the size as mentioned above because God has arranged Him in such a way. And it is humans who have an important role in this life until the world is destroyed at the appointed time. Thus a brief explanation of the characteristics of ants, may be useful for all of us. Thank you very much.
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