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The Creator never leaves us alone.


Hi guys,how are you all? I wish all my friends are well. I am also well. This is Imran from Malaysia.Today I sear some inspiration talk with all my friends.


One man had two horses.  Seen from a distance, the two horses looked almost identical.  But if one looks well one will understand that one of the two horses was blind.  Their owner was much better.  So he took care of the blind horse just like any other horse.




  He arranged a comfortable sleeping area for two horses in the stable.  In the morning, two horses would go to the front field to eat grass.  If one keeps listening to the two horses as they walk around the field, he will hear a soft bell.  



This little bell was a barrier to the neck of a healthy horse.  The sound of the bell helped the blind horse understand where his mate was.  


If one stands on the side of the field he will see that the healthy horse is always keeping an eye on the blind horse so that he does not get lost, the blind horse also occasionally hears the sound of the bell and slowly walks towards the other horse. 


 He always believed that his friend would never lead him astray.  In the evening, when the clock is ticking, he looks back again and again to make sure that he does not go too far so that the blind horse cannot hear the sound of the bell.  Thus they return home safely.  


Just like this blind horse, if we are not perfect or if we have any physical or mental problem, then the Creator never leaves us alone.  


He always keeps an eye on us and sends someone in our lives who needs our help.  Sometimes we are like the blind horse in whose life the Creator sent another to help.  


Sometimes we are the bell-ringing horse that helps someone else find their way.


No more today... please forgive me anything false with my night all my friends.

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