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How beneficial is the national fruit jackfruit for our body?


Hello friends, How r u all? I wish all my friends are well and I am also well.


Today I sear some important talk with my friends. Almost we don't know any fruit beneficial for our lives.welcome to my vlog. Now let's go and watching my video.




When there is a lack of vitamin A in the body, the skin becomes rough.  Jackfruit can prevent this by losing the elegance of the body.  Jackfruit also contains vitamin C and some B.  Just as ripe jackfruit has benefits, so does raw jackfruit.  Raw jackfruit meat and vitamin rich vegetables.  Ripe jackfruit seeds can be eaten fried like nuts, as well as curry.


   100 grams of jackfruit seeds contain 7.8 grams of meat and 25.6 grams of sugar.  Non-vegetarian jackfruit beech is beneficial for everyone.  Therefore, jackfruit trees should be planted more.  It is also possible to fill the deficiency of vitamin 'A' by eating the jackfruit fruit.

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