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Do you know whath....Mixed Dentition Is?


Hello, this new section of my publications comes to clarify certain doubts and curiosities about the processes in dentistry and we will start with the mixed dentition.



Mixed dentition is when the patient has both primary and permanent teeth in the mouth and begins approximately at the age of 6 and a half until the age of 12 when all the primary teeth are replaced by permanent teeth, but what do patients with mixed dentition look like radiographically?



They are observed in this way as seen in the image, and we can appreciate the tooth replacement and the normal development in the growth of the child and adolescent, but we can also describe certain processes that are occurring while the patient has mixed dentition.



Here we can observe:

Tooth germ: is a set of cells that fuse and differentiate to form the future tooth and is surrounded by the germinal cap this process is called odontogenesis.

Rhizalysis: is the reabsorption of the root of the temporary tooth by the permanent tooth that allows its fall and eruption of the permanent tooth.

Open apices: after the eruption of the permanent tooth, its apices are open or immature until complete eruption and positioning until they close physiologically.


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Original Photos CRO Odontoven, Bogota

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