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Hello, I am Farhan. I am a very ordinary person in work, sports, education, personal life. Now I am in Kushtia city but my permanent residence is in a suburb called Damukdia which is in Bheramara Upazila, Kushtia, Bangladesh. I already 21 years old. I am studying Honors 3rd year in Mathematics at Kushtia Govt college which is a branch of National University. National University is one of the leading in Bangladesh in terms of number and quality of students. As a student, I am enough good.

Early in student life, I was a good enough student. The success of my studies as a child was enviable, The respectable teachers are expected my future emerging successful life. I get scholarships at the primary level. But after coming to the secondary level, my studies started to decline. Not being able to adapt to the hostile environment of the secondary school, my own laziness, arbitrariness is the reason why my studies were ruined.

In the past, I attended Bheramara Pilot High School and Bheramara College where I finished my SSC and HSC exams. My SSC and HSC exam result marks are not the best but enough good.

Now  I do some blogging besides reading...I also work our farmland. I do some tuition to keep the job preparation and my acquired knowledge right. I bear my pocket expenses with the money I earn from tuition. I like to learn and share knowledge with people. This is my first blog on SEREY. Previously I did some work on Hive, Blurt platforms. I am interested in the cryptocurrency blockchain.

Today I am looking for new success and prosperous life by removing all my previous sorrows, hardships, frustrations, failures. Hopefully, SEREY will be a part of my future successful life. In anticipation of everyone's success and happy life.
Love is endless.

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