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Dual Clutch Transmission


Hello everyone,
I hope that everyone is fine in this pandemic situation. Today I am going to write a post on Dual Clutch Transmission.
Those who have bought a recent Honda brand car may know that Japanese carmaker Honda is now using DCT transmission in all their models. Many people want to know how this DCT works, what are its benefits. This transmission is also used in the legendary Nissan GT-R, so if you want to understand, write carefully.

7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission - ZF


Dual Clutch Transmission or DTC is also called twin-clutch transmission or double-clutch transmission. It's a transmission much closer to a manual transmission, the DCT uses two separate clutches for gear shifting. You can assume that two separate clutches act as a unit from the same housing. You can switch it to fully automatic mode if you want or manually and separately if you want. This is the biggest advantage of DTC.

The DCT has two clutches, the larger one shifts the twin gears, and the smaller one shifts the odd gears. Even if there are two clutches, there is no torque loss during shifting. Whenever torque is transmitted from one clutch it will be separated from another clutch. One thing to note is that DCT currently offers the fastest shifts of all, which is faster than shifting the manual transmission of a professional race driver. Even with a single clutch automatic or manual transmission, the DCT can shift many fast gears.

How Dual-Clutch Transmissions Work - autoevolution


As I said earlier, DCT has two separate clutches, either two wet multiple clutches or two single-plate dry clutches.

The wet clutch is typically used in very high torque engines with a torque figure of 350 Nm. The Bugatti Veron uses a wet-type clutch that produces about 1250 Nm of torque. And the dry clutch is designed for small cars with a torque output of about 250 nm.

Although this dry clutch has one advantage, it saves much more fuel than the wet clutch.

Layout of a dual clutch transmission system (Source: |  Download Scientific Diagram


Last but not least, don't make 5 mistakes in DCT,

  • Make sure to change the DCT transmission fluid every 30,000 thousand kilos and use good quality DOT4 oil. If you forget to change the time, the gearbox will be damaged in the next 60,000 kg.
  • If you shift the pedal manually, never shift to 1st gear. Always stay in top gear.
  • If you press the brake for 5 seconds on DCT it will go into an automatic neutral mode. And when you release the brake pedal, you will see how smoothly the car will move forward.
  • Repeatedly releasing the brake press brake to slightly increase the traffic will give you just some extra pressure on the DTC. So if you are in traffic, you don't need to pull the gear lever and bring it to N again and again, it will put extra pressure.
  • Hopefully reading the article has helped you. There is nothing to fear about DCT. If regular maintenance is done, DCT will not do anything. Thank's a lot for reading this blog.
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