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Who is behind the Cultivation of something



Almighty creator has created us and he has given us a lot of gift. We have gift in different forms like in technology in relationship like mother father in agriculture in our lifestyle everywhere. Food is one of the best gift from the Almighty God. We cannot be sure good harvest without the will of Almighty God. We are just putting some seeds under the soil and thinking about quality and good fruits. There maybe good harvest but we cannot really say that there will be obviously good harvest.

From different kinds of plants we are getting different kinds of fruits. All of those are coming from the soil. From same soil we are collecting fruits and vegetables of different colour and taste as well. So it is obviously can be said that someone is working behind all this. Each and everything has a creator. Without creator nothing can be created. Human beings cannot create a single insect. So in all things which have lives are created and controlled by Almighty God which is is the belief of of most of the religious people. There are some people who don't believe in Almighty God they are thinking differently.

With the change of world climate and state the problems related to to environment and population is going to be an problem. But there is no scar city of food even with the the higher rate of population growth. In previous times population was less and production of fruits and vegetables was also less. In that time they had to struggle for food. but in recent days we have a lot of development in agriculture sector and does cultivating more and more from the same land. So we are adopting with the population growth. Sometimes people saying that population or access population is not good for nation. I think creator has some different plan. If the population is high then he will feed those all populations by any means. and that is my believe and my religious believe. So I don't exactly what is the plan of The Almighty God but we should believe in him and try to follow his guidance.

You cannot think about the master plan of almighty god which is is basically unknown to us. We don't know much because we are a very little creature in this universe. The master plan maker that is almighty God knows everything. Being a small part of this world we have a limited knowledge and with this knowledge we can think in different different ways but the master plan is is associated with our this kind of thinking as well. The photograph above you can see the tomato harvest. This year the growth of vegetables is is huge full stop in discord of endemic we should have such kind of harvest and which we have exactly got this year. The garden is from my father in laws vegetables Garden. And he is spending much more time in his Garden for cultivating more and more. Alan that way he have got a very good harvest of papaya tomato and other vegetables with the help of Almighty God.


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