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This Earth is much bigger but much smaller than other planetary stars. There are people of different religions, castes and tribes. Each one grows up and lives with different beliefs and religious doctrines. Some believe in his religion very strictly and some do not. Some people distrust the religion of others. Whatever it is, I think the difference between people is given by the Creator. People can know each other and find the right path only because there are differences and differences between people. I personally do not believe in the idea of ​​rebirth, that is, the idea of ​​being reborn on earth, but I do believe that one day after death one will be resurrected to give an account of one's deeds. Although I am not a believer in being born again, I would like to shed light on what I would do if I had the opportunity. 

Background of my wish

In my student life and at different stages of my life, I used to hear a lot and say that **if life was a book written in pencil, then the mistakes of the past could be easily corrected with rubber.** The same can be said of reincarnation. If one is born again, then maybe one can try to do something new by learning from there without making the mistakes of the previous birth.


From a young age, I was disturbed by the chaos and mismanagement of society. One of my desires and dreams has always been to eliminate such situations, that is, to work on policy making or to eliminate irregularities in society. And the most important role in doing this is played by those who are politicians. Because it is possible for a politician and a high-ranking person in the government to set the policy and implement it.


Whenever I notice any irregularities around me in terms of corruption or policy making, the matter moves me very much. I want to get rid of those feelings and make the society more beautiful but in this life since I have not built my career as a politician, it may never be possible for me to go into the role of policy maker. So, it will not be possible to solve this problem by me. Thus, the dream that I cherished will remain my dream and it is not possible or impossible to fulfill in this life.

The problem that I don’t like in this World

The problems I have talked above so far in policy-making, if I could serve as a future-born politician or as a high-level policy-maker in the country, I might be able to overcome these inconsistencies. I would try to fulfill my desires or dream needs in the next life because in the next life I would take the target from the beginning that I should be a politician and, in that way, I would advance my career by developing communication with people. And that's what I want to do in my next life.

Sometimes we see some examples of policy making at different places which are really ridiculous. For example, The term of diploma engineering in the education system of any country is three years, i.e. students can complete their studies in three years and join the workplace. But if some policy-makers just convert three years syllabus into four years degree with some addition of excess subjects then what will happen. That is every student will waste more than a year from national life. Then how many millions of hours will be lost from a country's national economy for a small policy-making decision.

The government always wants to develop and show whether it is democratic or other system. But if any of them build bridges and overpasses in rural areas only and with which only a few cows and goats will move only in the future because the policy is rural development. How effective the spending! What will be balanced development! Again, if a government take applaud by doing big things but will not look into the countryside because the policy is to make big things that are visible. That’s too is not balanced.


Final Words

My wish may seem an exception to many. Someone may have a desire to travel, someone may have a desire to have a lot of fun in the next life, but the desire to solve the problems of my next life is the most so that people can be at least a little better through my efforts.

Many thanks to everyone for reading my post. If you have any comments, please let us know in the comments


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