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Two Types of Personality



There are a lot of controversy about the efficiency of lifestyle and working. There are several options in our life which we can maintain in several ways. First of all we can do our job in a systematic way or in a regular basis full stop and there are some other people who think in different way that is to do something at a stressed for a while and take a long break and again do something at a stress continuously. This two philosophy of life is is acceptable to several personality people. Someone are flawless in life and someone basically task-oriented. Those who are task-oriented physically always try to accomplish the task only and don't think about the regularity consistency and related issues their main focus is only achieving the goal for accomplishing the task. And there are other people who are not of that kind. They are very much different from the first group. This group basically try to maintain a regular routine and do some simple task regularly and as a whole after a long time it can be found that they have done a lot of job with regular task of small work in a consistent basis and this personality is much appreciated to me.

In recent times I have talked and observed some of my colleagues around me and I have found two types of personality among them. And in that case we cannot say which one is the best but my preference is always to the consistent people who are doing simple and sleep task regularly. And after all those happening are found that what groups are basically much appreciated because no one is below the power. Both group are doing well because task is being accomplished. But option down is the problem of the second group who are basically very active in several times and very active in seven Times. Sometimes they have huge amount of relax and sometimes they are just out of tyre due to a distress work. And I don't like that kind of personality.

For example, Similarly you can find several groups who have several interest in several food. Which one is your preference, let me know by comment


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