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Two KInds of Lifestyle || Choice is yours



In today's blog I want to share one of my experience from my surroundings Lifestyle. When we grow up we meet couple of friends college family members and nearby people. In this way we are gathering a number of experiences from our surroundings. I have observed that many e people are are in the markets not only in the morning but also in the afternoon and evening without any work. I I know many of them don't have any work at all in the market but still they can stop going to the market themselves and spelling one kind of lazy and hanging out time. They don't find work for them. Contrary to the situation I know some of my friends Ho don't have enough time to spend in market because they have job family and they want to be active they want to learn something.

One common issue I have found that those who are spending time and unnecessarily at market they don't study they don't spend time with family E and even they don't spend time with prayer properly. These are the common reasons for their lazy time passing because they don't feel these three important work in our life. Family study and prayer must be done in leisure time those who have a high number of work hour in office. Maybe they are doing some job but they don't feel this above-mentioned three work that's why they feel them self lazy and don't find any work to spend the time that's why they go to the market to just watch others and you have some gossips which is not good for mental and physical well being.

On the other hand those who have work they maintain the above three work and after that they also try to maintain do some social work and try to improve their professional career by learning something new in this era of technological advancement and information technology. This group of people always stay busy with several kinds of activities they don't have enough time to have because it's like the first categories of people. So whatever the lifestyle you will choose it will be up to you. But you need to consider that we have just only one life to lead and in this life we don't have enough spare time to waste. I always try to be in the second category and try to maintain all those things so that I can remain active and don't have enough time for wasting by gossiping in the market.

I think each and every day we need to think that we have very limited time and maybe this is my last day in this world so I need to utilise my time more conveniently to develop my skill to make the family happy and to to do some prayer obviously for the next life that is here after. Must involve in some social activities. We need to involve ourself in those activities where we will do some work and will get reward in passive form even after our death that means the people will be benefited from your work for the long run


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