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Travelling around the beautiful village under this pandemic



In this pandemic situation we are trapped at home and we have not that much opportunity to travel outside. But still we can enjoy the beauty of nature around us. That is what I am doing regularly in my village home. There are a lot of farming crops around by home in the village area. Each and every farming land is different from other and something special obviously. Today I have visited a such kind of land which is really awesome and sharing couple of photographs and experience of that travel.

Mustard seed is used for preparing mustard oil. Have you ever been to any mustard seed growing area. If I ask this question to to my friends many of them will reply negatively. The plant and area of growing is really beautiful when it is flower they are in the tree. The yellow flower for a huge land area makes the place so charming and beautiful to view. The beauty of such can be enjoyed only after the flower come out in the tree. That's really wonderful. And another important thing is is the Honey cultivation is done just beside this plant area. What this flower then honey can be collected by bees. At a time two kinds of cultivation can be done here. And I can see couple of people come here to see the beauty of such a plant growing here. So that's why it can be said a tri dimensional objectives can be fulfilled.

The beauty of the nature of Bangladesh cannot be described in a war because it's all together always green. A lot of variety of crops are being cultivated at several Seasons like 6 seasons are experienced here. So in terms of variations and natural beauty of farming cultivation It's really a wonderful country and I love this country because it's my motherland. To travel for viewing the natural beauty this is the best choice and I always try to visit the beautiful places of Bangladesh specially the natural beautiful places. This is one of my wonderful experience of visiting mustard seed plant around my village home and it was a great experience for me. I am happy to share the couple of photographs and memories of that visit. Thank you very much

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