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Textile Calculation : Solution of Mathematical Problem of Crimp in Bengali



Solution to Three Math of Fabric Crimp in Bengali. You can check the link below to get help in problem solving of Textile Calulation like Fabric Crimp.


Problem 1: To produce 5000m of fabric with 3% warp crimp how many yards of yarn will be required?

Problem 2: Let you have 24”×20 cm dimension fabric sample. Calculate the warp crimp and weft crimp when length of yarn is 62 cm and 21.1 cm respectively
Problem 3: To produce 1500 yard of woven fabric having specification "114 × 90" /"20 × 18"   "×" 56” and warp & weft crimp is 4% & 5% respectively, how many cones of weft yarn will you require if weight of each cone is 1.5 lb.


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