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Street Food Experience || Fuffed Rice Spicy mixture



Spicy Puffed Rice
Spicy Puffed Rice is a common street food in  Bangladesh. It’s popular among all classes of people. It’s traditional food in Bangladesh because all around the country people like this food while walking through road or in adda gossip. This food is spicy, and yummy. So, people here in Bangladesh have so much love for this awesome delicious steet food. Mixture makes it very special. its healthy and hygiene and nutrious as well.


My Experience
Couple of days back, while walking through the street, i observed this street food. I along with some family members while walking through teh road, get this food. I ordered a pack of mixed puffed rice for myself. You can have mixed taste because different mixture and taste is included here. So it was tasty and good experience.



Recipe and Ingredients
As far I know and talked with them-
- Puffed rice
- Chanachor
- Masala
- Curry
- Pepper
- Salt
- Oil
- Fresh Vegetable Masala


Food Preparation
Food preparation is not very easy and not so complex as well. Ingreditents are prepared fast then just need to mix them.


Feature or Specialty of the food
- Common Street Food.
- Spicy taste


Very few. Per packet is only about 10-20 cents. Dilicous due to different mixture. 


My Ratting
- Food taste: 5/5
- Hygiene: 5/5
- Health Benefits: 4.5/5
- Price: 5/5





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