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Smartphone for Family



Smartphone is on of our best company on nowadays. We cannot spend an hour without smartphone. How quickly the situation has been changed from offline to online. Education system was out of online but now it is also online due to the pandemic situation. Sometimes I become surprised when I see my college to you look at smartphone even in meeting time. It's one kind of bad practice what we are following. We need to get away from mobile phone when you don't have specific task on mobile phone. But usually we like to to take the 48 Hour hand and try to see something which is not essential all the time. As far as I recall there were a survey about for how many minutes we can stop touching our smartphone while in relax time. It was less than half an hour I think as for I recall. So this is what and how we are being addicted to the mobile phone or smartphone. Smartphone is needed for technological advancement and cope up with the technology but it is losing our time brother helping us in saving our time.

I know no a person talking about a joke regarding smartphone like it is say that smartphone was invented to save the time of human being. I think obviously initially the objective of smartphone on mobile phone was like that that we can save our time because we can talk to all friends by staying at our home we will from the distance with miles. After smartphone we have a lot of features which are time saving and efficient but still we are not efficient rather we would like to spend time on several unnecessary apps when we have time at our hand or even when we are busy with serious job. Some cases thumbnail are made such a way that it attracts the viewers to enter into the content.

The invention of smartphone is not bad for us but our application is the problem. I I heard a story from one of my colleagues about Korean culture. Hear the family earning members don't use mobile phone or smartphone. After coming to office they just call to their home for 10 seconds with official food to ensure ought to let them know that they have reached successfully. That is what they are practicing and in Bangladesh what we are doing it's undiscoverable. Aluva got some of the officers even here in Bangladesh who don't allow mobile phone while in working time. That is a great initiative and I am support in such kind of initiative to detach the employees from Smartphone and hopefully their efficiency will increase a lot.

The photographs you can see in this post is the mobile phone which model is Vivo A 15. I have bought this for my family couple of weeks back. In accordance with the culture and society it is also a demand from the family members because they can see there neighbours are using smartphones. Wherever it is but I am happy to by such kind of gift for my family. The real happiness is on giving something not on taking. What were the advantage and disadvantage of smartphone in the context of present time I don't want to record details about it but still I am happy with that although there will be some misuse or application of this phone specially in killing time. Thank you very much


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