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Sharing nine local food items



Today I am sharing some photographs of local taste food. There are different varieties of food menu in different countries throughout the world. We don't know even the culture of others that's why I am going to share my cultural food to this community so that the Global community can learn something about our local food menu. This is not the attempt to share the memories are recipe rather I am just sharing the photographs only so that you can only check the name and colour of the taste. In this globalisation Era we can exchange culture. Some of the foreign food may be interesting and delicious to us and our local food also maybe very famous to the others outside our country. That's why I am just trying to share and hope you will enjoy


Title Image
Chatpatti: Famous Street Food

Homemade Chicken Broast

Mixing Masala to Chicken

Homemade Pan Cake

Egg Noodles

Onion leaves as vegetable

Cooking beef curry

Chicken simple fry

Curry with local chiken
I hope you have enjoyed the photography. This is really interesting for me to share the local taste to the Global community. In this such kind of cultural exchange or change we can learn some new culture and prepare for adopting those as it is time of globalisation. Thank you very much for stopping by.


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