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Practical Scenario of Study gap in this Pandemic



Expectation and result are are not the same. If we talk about the educational system and educational status of current situation like in this pandemic you can find a huge difference between expectation and exact happening. Why I am talking this issue today there are some reasons behind this which I am going to explain here. From the very beginning of the pandemic situation like the last year March month we were very much scared and educational institutions was shut down. After couple of months government has taken initiatives to conduct classes in online message. In that time I was thinking that it's an opportunity for the students to learn from their home and it's a good opportunity. But unfortunately There are several issues like network problem and mobile phone and other technological disadvantages was barrier little bit. But for most of the students it was not a problem or big issue they could manage because hope and living in the village area they can also get network if I just get out from their home and in that way they can be connected and I hope it is possible for more than 90% students of the country specially who are conducting higher study. And the higher studies students have mobile phone this is obvious and this percentage should not be less than 98%. In that context it is expected that this is their opportunity they don't need to get out from home then need not to spend money for travelling they are not wasting their time for travelling and in that where this is a good opportunity for them to study as much as possible they can from their home with the help of the teachers through this online method of learning. But scenario is different which I am going to share today.

You can see couple of mobile phone network tower for away from the second picture. The situation was justified when I conducted several Viber exam of my students. For last couple of days I along with my colleagues are conducting viva exam of several batches on their courses. But it was surprising that they are not doing well at all like previous period. It is expected that they were out of study in this situation and this is not because of technological drawbacks are disadvantage and I hope this is technological advantage which was the reason because they were hopefully very was edited with Facebook and other social media and that was very much problematic for them to conduct their study in in good fashion. Like previous time they had opportunity to do so but due to the class attendance and other issues they were very much serious about the lesson compare with the present situation but with the time passing the situation has changed a lot and it is now clear to me from my observation that they were out of study and what is the exact reason behind this that is not truly justified and hopefully within next time we will find some research on it and there will be a result of their drawbacks. But my perspective is they were not serious to the study and for this they were addicted to several platforms like online YouTube and other media and in that way they have destroyed their basic knowledge and their trying to blaming on others like pandemic or the government but this is not obviously true at least for maximum number of students.


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